BLOG: A Good Photographer Where ever you go.

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The topic of this post addresses the question: What kind of photography do you specialize in?

I personally hate this question and when I first started shooting, I didn’t really understand why I had to give one answer as my response. In the beginning, I would take photos of everyone and everything I could.  That is the best way to find out what you like, but it is also the best way to improve your craft. I shot fashion, editorial, business, events, head shots, babies, baptisms, and weddings. I shot photos at camping trips, birthdays, and forced a lot of my friends to deal with a camera in their faces just because I wanted to try out something new.

I’ve been on beaches, in halls, in offices, in parks, in bedrooms (don’t get any ideas), living rooms, and backyards. Worked with models, moms, kids, and camera shy adults…

So when people ask me, what is your specialty, I almost feel like answering: “Being a good photographer.”

To consider yourself a professional photographer, I don’t think it matters how many degrees you have on your wall, if you don’t have what is essential to be a pro in your trade. I think talent comes first, and then knowledge. Over the last three years, I began with a little bit of talent, having people say right away that I had a “good eye” for film and photo. That’s great and all, and gave me a little bit of courage to pursue the field.  But I discovered right away, that raw talent isn’t enough.  You need to know your tools.

My tools include two lines of cameras, Canon and Sony. Not all cameras are built and perform the same, I don’t care what anyone says. You need to know your cameras, you need to know what each lens makes a photo look like, because its not just about going wide or tight, its about how the lens can change the photo and distort your subjects.  My tools also include
studio lighting, with various modifiers (like a beauty dish compared to a soft box, a 3 lighting set up verses a 1 lighting set up), and back drops. For video, I use sliders, tripods, mono pods, and audio recording equipment like lav mics.

Even if I get home with a good product – because I have studied what it means to change the F stop, to work within your camera’s capability for lighting using various ISO’s, and shutter speeds – I take all my work home and use powerful programs to seal the deal. Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, Premiere, PluralEyes, and more to give you a finished product that is worth the money you paid and reaches the expectations.

My specialty is being a professional photographer, that can be put in any situation and still preform like a PROFESSIONAL. This is what you pay for when you hire someone. You hire someone that has more knowledge in a field that you don’t and you expect good results. 

In the last year, I have turned my attention to the wedding world. Mostly for demand, and secondly because I am able to be a on the fly professional that can capture your moments, as quick as they happen, without a rewind button or a redo button, and preserve your memories forever. I do not alter my style and I only offer what I am capable of.

I tell my clients during their consultations to shop around. Find a professional that you can feel comfortable with, that you can trust to get the job done, and most importantly, a professional that you genuinely like their work.

I know at the end of the day you are going to say “How much?” and “Why?” I am very open about why I charge what I charge and why I do not offer discounts.  Why? Because I respect my work, my knowledge, the high quality equipment and tools I bring with my talent, and I stand by my worth.

So if you trust me to get the job done, and get it done right, don’t be shy! Book a consultation, come meet me, actually look at my work and picture yourself in the same spot. If after you meet me, you do not like the vibe, if you do not like the price, and you choose to go elsewhere, that is fine, that is the way the dice rolls in most areas of the service industry. But all I ask is for a chance to be successful at what I do. And to do that, I need you.

Book your consultation today at and let’s discuss your photo and video needs.